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What's going on everyone? Welcome back! I wanted to take the time to introduce myself on another level and give a little background on my college career. As you know my name is Aliah and I am finishing my MBA from Clark Atlanta University. I received my Bachelors of Science from Ball State University in Finance. After receiving my bachelors, I worked for a real estate property firm where I managed about 1,000 tenants and two high retailer portfolios. In this position, I monitored the rent collection and other account charges billed throughout the month. Additionally, I served on the department's training team where I worked with my peers to train new hires in our department. I was in this position for almost 2 years before pursuing my MBA in Atlanta. I will discuss my decision to leave not only a full-time job but also my hometown to continue my education at a later time.

My college career has been challenging. I began my college career at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio in Fall 2013. While attending this university I didn't make the connection to the campus, the city, or the program that I was in like I had hoped. After completing 2 years at Xavier I transferred to Ball State University. I was now closer to my friends and family and had a better connection to the program that I changed to. The 2.5 years spent at Ball State were more of a college experience that I was expecting. I was more involved and connected to the campus so I felt more comfortable.

After working in corporate for about a year I realized that I was going to need to continue my education journey and obtain my MBA degree. I didn't limit myself on the types of programs that I was interested in so this kept my mind open to opportunities. I applied to a few programs and was accepted into Clark Atlanta University in June 2019. Since the program was not an online program, I began preparing for a eight hour move from my hometown. This would be the farthest that I would be from home and all things comfortable.

I can say that deciding to further my education was one of the best decisions that I made for myself and my future. What did I learn? How did I grow from all of this? Why did I decide to leave and not stay at the first university? Find out on the next Post Grad post!

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