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Hello, I want to welcome you to Post Grad! My name is Aliah and I am a second year Masters of Business Administration student at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. I want to invite on this personal journey as I complete my degree and enter back into the workforce.

What/Who is Post Grad? Post Grad is going to be a blog that covers education, lifestyle, and career tips. Post Grad is also a personal blog where I will share my take on all things entertainment, art & culture, traveling, and DIY projects that I work on. I define Post Grad as life after the completion of a degree. Whether it is raising a family, becoming a working professional, or embarking on a entrepreneurship journey after graduation. Post Grad aims to cover all things education and life.

Why did you start Post Grad? I started Post Grad because I was having conversations with my classmates, friends, and family members about my school journey. I kept finding similarities in issues, problems, and concerns that occurring in conversation. I felt that if I was having difficulties juggling personal life, school, and other responsibilities that I surely was not alone in doing so. I want to connect all current and former college students so that we can help one another as we complete our degrees.

Who all is involved or can be involved with Post Grad? Any current or former college student can be involved with Post Grad. This can range from a first generation student to a non-traditional student returning to complete their degree. Doesn't matter if you've attended a two year program, a four year program, trade school, or have graduated and still trying to figure life out. We all can learn and support one another.

Where can I find Post Grad? Post Grad can be found on Twitter & Instagram. Follow the social media pages for more interactive conversations and future giveaways. Post Grad will also conduct interviews with current and former college students from different backgrounds and can be found here on the site. Last and the most important, you have found Post Grad right here on this site. The site will have the most content posted here for your viewing pleasure.

Again, I want to welcome you to Post Grad blog! I look forward to connecting and getting to know you all as we help learn everything that wasn't taught in lecture. Follow us on the following social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram.

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