First Day In

Similar to majority of college students this fall I didn't return to campus. I was really bummed about not returning because I was hired as a Resident Assistant (RA) for Fall 2020. I had began planning door decs for my residents and bulletin board themes every month for it all to be a waste. With that being said, virtual learning for me has been challenging. I am a visual and kinetic learner so being solely online is beginning to take a toll on me. Additionally, I AM ZOOMED OUT. The constant calls lasting for over an hour in the midst of technical difficulties are trying me, y'all. I understand the conditions that we have been placed in due to the mistreatment of Miss 'Rona for the past seven months but I am tired.

The program that I am in was originally structured as a day time and weekend program. Most classes we only turned assignments in via Canvas and not accessing a lecture online. The program was not prepared to be teaching virtually. Honestly, it still is not prepared to teach graduate level courses remotely.

What have been some of your issues with learning online? How have you been progressing as a virtual learner? Drop me a note to be featured on our social media pages and contribute to the conversation!

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