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Places I've Cried

Places I've Cried

This Isn't Even the Full List

Written By Ashley Hutchinson

1. Subway Platform

2. Subway Car

3. Great Jones Street Between Lafayette and Bowery

4. Yoga Class

5. in Class

6. Outside of Class

7. My Bathroom Floor

8. My Kitchen Floor

9. My Bed

10. The Shower

11. At the sink doing dishes

12. On my history book

13. A car

14. A Best Western in Traverse City, MI

15. The stairs leading up to the D train

16. A stoop in Brooklyn

17. At Graduation

18. Onstage

19. Backstage

20. On screen

21. The Apple Store

22. Cassingham Road, walking North from Bexley High School in Bexley, OH

23. The choir room

24. Behind my sheet music while singing in the choir room (separate occasions)

25. Being driven to camp

26. Camp

27. Driving away from camp

28. Getting shots (2009)

29. Getting shots (2013)

30. Getting shots (2016)

31. A New Year's Eve party in the UWS

32. The gynecologist's office

33. On a normal swing

34. On a tire swing

35. After losing my virginity

36. Washington Square Park

37. The movies (multiple occasions)

38. A hostel in Zagreb, Croatia

39. A hostel in Rome, Italy

40. A cafe in Paris

41. Rue de Voltaire, Paris

42. An airbnb in Paris

43. A train in Salzburg, Austria

44. Regent's canal, London

45. Newark Airport

46. Charles de Gaulle Airport

47. Puppy Store

48. Bathroom stall

49. My grandma's House

50. Watching the Crown on Netflix

51. Piazza Del Michaelangelo, Florence, Italy

52. On the floor in my High School Hallway

53. High School gymnasium

54. My mother's arms





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