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How To Fill Your Unemployed Days

How To Fill Your Unemployed Days

Or, What to do all day when you’re unemployed.

Written by Auriane Desombre


The most difficult part of not having a job, aside from the lack of steady income and general sense of existential dread, is the long days with nothing to do. The week and weekend start blurring together into one long mush of time, and Avatar: The Last Airbender only has three seasons. Even if you commit and watch Korra too (which you definitely should), that only adds two more days of content.

While all our friends are at their jobs, being productive members of society, what are we supposed to do with our endless supply of free time?

Here’s a list of six tips, all of which are super legit and will definitely help you make the most of your time off:


1.     Start a pet project

We’ve been in school for the past – well, forever, actually. This job-hunting period might be marked with stress and uncertainty, but it also marks the first time that we’ve had real time to work on projects outside of homework and classes. So block off some time every day to write that novel, or start that blog (hi!), or visit every museum in NYC, or learn to make elaborate dishes that impress everyone you know (except John, the picky-eating shit).


2.     Go to the gym

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to do this. I just promised my editor I would make jokes.


3.     Volunteer

Instead of spending all day refreshing Indeed and crying, why not commit a couple of hours a week to a cause you really care about? You could tutor kids after school or foster animals or mentor high school girls. Find something that works with your skills and interests, and put it to use giving back!


4.     Sleep in late

If you wake up at noon, that’s half your day already filled!


5.     Take a class

I know, I was just celebrating three points ago how not being in class all the time gives us the freedom to pursue our real interests. But taking a class could add some pep to your resume, help you improve the pet project I’m making you do, and maybe even introduce you to a fun new topic you totally missed while you were scrambling to meet your science requirement at the last minute!

Coursera and Edx are awesome (and free!) resources to get you started.


6.     Job hunt?

I wrote a cover letter last week and I’m still exhausted, so I’m not too sure about this one, but I hear it’s essential. 

What have you been doing all day? Let us know your tips for staying sane between job interviews in the comments!



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