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Places I haven’t Cried But Want To

Places I haven’t Cried But Want To

Written by Ashley Hutchinson

1. At the top of a mountain. Preferably in some foreign country, but I’ll take a Rocky or an Appalachian.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding.

3. My first Book Publishing Party.

4. In India.

5. In Japan.

6. In Vienna. Because I like Vienna and I miss it.

7. My lover’s arms after he gets me a puppy (That he will agree to walk in the mornings).

8. While watching the last season of Game of Thrones.

9. When moving away from New York.

10. When moving back to New York.

11. When I quit my day job because I can now make a living as an actor.

12. When my webseries comes out (holla!)

...This list is much harder than the last one.


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