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Reviewed By Emma Holter

One of FIKA’s thirteen Manhattan locations is my en route to my summer internship in midtown, and I decided to stop in on my lunch break this week when I needed a mid-afternoon caffeine boost. Even though it looks a little like a bourgie, luxury chocolatier, they’re coffee is actually affordable and delicious.

The brand FIKA is Swedish and takes its name from the Swedish verb fika (pronounced fee-kah) which means “to have coffee.” Since the Swedes literally have a separate verb for drinking coffee, you can probably tell how important coffee culture is in Sweden.  

The FIKA location I went to, on 10th Avenue, has a very open and welcoming space, with high ceilings, lots of natural light, a lofted seating area, and an outdoor patio.  There’s tons of seating throughout the cafe, and each table has at least one apricot or mint colored chair, which really brightens up the decor. The music is rhythmic but kept at a low volume, so it would be a pretty conducive space for writing or prepping for the GRE/LSAT.



The FIKA staff bakes and brews everything on-site, and you can see the kitchens from the counter where you place your order.  Like I said before, they are primarily a chocolate and pastry shop, and some of their truffle flavors sound positively wild (ex: Lingonberry chili, goat cheese, and quinoa hazelnut). I haven’t a clue if they actually taste good and would love for someone to confirm if they are actually worth buying (comment below!).

Overall, FIKA feels like an excellent coffee shop to be productive in, if you need a quiet space outside of your apartment to write your cover letters, edit your screenplay, or prep for grad school exams. Look out for more recommendations to come!




824 10th Avenue (on 10th between 54th and 55th Street, Midtown)

303 Park Avenue South (on the corner of 23rd and Park, Madison Square)

407 Park Avenue South (on Park between 28th and 29th, Kips Bay)

600 Lexington Avenue (between 52nd and 53rd, Midtown East)

41 W 58th Street (between 5th and 6th Ave, one block south of Central Park)

555 6th Avenue (between 15th and 16th Street, Chelsea)

155 7th Avenue (between 20th and 21st Street, Chelsea)

2211 Broadway (between 78th and 79th Street, Upper West Side)

114 W 41 Street (between 6th Ave and 7th Ave, Bryant Park)

380 Lexington Ave (between 41st and 42nd Street, Grand Central)

66 Pearl Street (in the Financial District)

450 Washington Street (in TriBeCa)

1331 Lexington Avenue (between 88th and 89th Street, Upper East Side)


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