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On Being a Morning Person

On Being a Morning Person

Some Caffeinated Thoughts

Written By Ashley Hutchinson 



The annoying person that jumps on the bed to wake you up at 8 am, who’s probably already been up for an hour and done his/her morning aerobics, is a long hated character in everyone’s story.


The kind of person, that, when glared at by the bleary eyed night owl, shrugs with a slight smile and says lightly, “I’m a morning person!” No other explanation given. Apparently, because none is needed. Because the all-encompassing psychopathy of the “morning person” is encapsulated in that one shrug and nonchalant phrase. It’s not just the term, it’s the tone: I’m a morning person, slight emphasis on the morn.


While the night owl mourns their sleep.


I am a morning person. Chances are when you wake up I’ve already been to work, eaten breakfast and gone to the gym. I’m open about my crazy; in fact being a morning person is probably the least crazy thing about me, but that’s for another time.


There’s something really simple about the morning that makes it so delectable, that very few people seem to think about when they’re all mad at me for blasting music in their ear to wake them up and that is:


→ in the morning, you haven’t wasted your day yet. Simply put, there’s so many hours left for you to maximize, but there’s something delightful about the idea of applying for a job, running errands, doing laundry, eating a balanced breakfast and going to the gym all before noon. You’re free. You can do anything you want with your day. Morning people are life people. They like days, they like hours, and they like utilizing them.


It’s so nice knowing you haven’t fucked anything up yet, just because it’s 9 am. Obviously, the potential for screw ups is ever present, but that’s part of the fun of waking up to unpredictability in everyday life.


Obviously, there’s something magical about being a night owl as well. Being out and being a part of a landscape that is almost...forbidden. Up so late that you are a part of the quiet universe without the bother of other people. That’s cool too.




Maybe the psychosis of being a crazy *shrug* morning person is not really a psychosis but rather an optimism (which may feel kind of crazy these days). It’s cool to still believe that there’s something good that has yet to happen. A little good thing everyday to look forward to; after all, you don’t know it’s not gonna happen. And regardless of wake up time, it’s important to view any beginning as something that doesn’t necessarily have to be good, per se, but something that has potential. Whether you wake up at 6 am or you wake up at 1 pm, it’s always nice to know that your attitude about it is up to you.




This morning I made a bowl of muesli with some fruit, made some coffee, and sat down to my computer. I perused some sites, updated my website, checked out facebook, the like. I feel at peace when I’m waking up to a clean slate; something that has worked off some of the postgrad worry. The abyss that seems to be the rest of my life seems a little more manageable when taken one day at a time, one step at a time, one (two, or three) cups of coffee at a time.


And since it’s only 2 pm, I think I’ll have another.


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