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Brooklyn Roasting Company

Reviewed by Emma Holter

Location: 25 Jay Street (between John St. & Plymouth St. in DUMBO, Brooklyn. 2 minutes from the York Street F Train stop.)


So considering I live in Brooklyn, I thought it was about time I got around to recommending some of my favorite coffee places that are in my borough.  Here is one that I always look forward to going to, which also happens to get its name from this gorgeous bit of New York: Brooklyn Roasting Company.  My favorite location of theirs is in DUMBO (and for those of you that still don’t know, DUMBO stands for Down Underneath Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  If you happen to be in that area, look no further!

First and foremost, their coffee is spectacular.  I don’t have too many opinions on the quality of roasts in relation to the region where the coffee bean is grown, but if you are the kind of coffee drinker that is, Brooklyn Roasting Company offers roasts from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sumatra, and Tanzania.  Also, they have seven types of milk you can choose from. Picky coffee drinkers, this place is for you!


When Ashley and I first met one another in London, we tried to think of all the things that separate decent coffeeshops from great coffeeshops.  The one that we most enthusiastically agree on, and have since sought out in every place we’ve gone to in New York ever since: comfy couches.  Brooklyn Roasting Co. has stuffed leather couches abound! There are so many in the Jay Street location, and I highly recommend settling into one on a weekday morning with an espresso drink and almond croissant. It’s wonderful.


Like many buildings in DUMBO, Brooklyn Roasting Company’s location on Jay Street is actually a converted warehouse space, which in means high ceilings, exposed brick, repurposed wood, and tons of natural light.  They actually package a good number of their ground coffees in a section of the store, so don’t be surprised to see a bit of machinery and bags of coffee grounds stockpiled in one of the corners of the shop.   The Jay Street location is no more than two minutes walk from the East River waterfront and the panoramic views of Brooklyn Bridge Park, so if the weather is nice enough take your coffee to go an enjoy the neighborhood’s views of Manhattan!


If you have any suggestions for cafés, please email us at thepostgraduate17@gmail.com! We are always looking for new experiences and would love your input. Stay tuned for more!

Other Brooklyn Roasting Company locations:

·      2 Main Street (inside of West Elm on the East River Waterfront, DUMBO Brooklyn)

·      67 West Street (between Noble St and Milton St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

·      200 Flushing Avenue (near the Brooklyn Navy Yard)

·      240 Kent Avenue (between N 1st St and Grand St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

·      50 W23rd Street (between 5th and 6th Ave, Flatiron District, Manhattan)

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