The Gift of Growing Up and Giving More

Happy November! For some of our readers, this year’s Thanksgiving will be the first of life after college. In addition to the countless joys, warm memories, exciting aspirations, and necessary challenges that I get to wake up to every day, I am particularly grateful for my recent experiences, both paid and volunteer-based, in working with nonprofit organizations in New York City. I don’t think there’s a better time for post-grads to engage themselves in community service than during the incredibly formative weeks and months following commencement—And while such service does require a certain amount of discipline, physical effort, planning, and patience, this is the sort of work that leads to the best kind of exhaustion at the end of the day: tired but motivated, sleepy but satisfied, ready for bed but, also, ready for the next day’s opportunity to help out, give back, and grow into a more complete, generous, and ambitious person.